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Magazine articles on the legal system.
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Information Today
September 24, 2012
Nancy K. Herther
Three Publishers Settle in Apple Pricing Collusion Case "In a move that could reshape the publishing industry," The Wall Street Journal declares, "a federal judge has approved a settlement with three of the nation's largest book publishers over alleged collusion in the pricing of e-books." mark for My Articles 711 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 21, 2012
Rebecca Trager
US chemical society loses legal battle The American Chemical Society has been dealt a major blow in its effort to sue the Columbus, Ohio-based research software provider Leadscope for allegedly stealing its intellectual property. mark for My Articles 39 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 17, 2012
Rebecca Trager
Dow tax case raises R&D questions US chemical firm Dow has lost a legal battle over claims for R&D tax credits -- on 7 September, a US appeals court ruled that the money the company was trying to recoup constituted indirect research costs. mark for My Articles 175 similar articles
Pharmaceutical Executive
September 1, 2012
Jill Wechsler
Costs, Coverage, and Court Decisions Its election season and drug pricing issues are once again front and center in the policy wars on managing the high cost of healthcare. mark for My Articles 483 similar articles
Information Today
September 6, 2012
Paula J. Hane
Apple-Samsung Case Highlights America's Troubled Patent System The jury finding in this case has triggered an onslaught of commentary and has also brought up many questions about the nature of the U.S. patent system. The comments have ranged from "software patents are evil" to the U.S. has a "broken patent system." mark for My Articles 918 similar articles
On Wall Street
September 1, 2012
Alan J. Foxman
Looking at Illinois Court's Ruling on Non-Compete Clause Our legal analyst explores one state s new rules on employment agreements. mark for My Articles 176 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 4, 2012
Andrew Turley
Kevlar equivalent banned for 20 years A US court has banned Korean company Kolon from manufacturing and marketing its Heracron aramid fiber for 20 years following a long running battle with DuPont, which owns the iconic -- and extremely lucrative -- Kevlar brand. mark for My Articles 14 similar articles
September 2012
Peter B. Hirtle
Feature: When is 1923 Going to Arrive and Other Complications of the u.s. Public Domain The public domain has always existed, but the rise of digital and networked technologies has made it particularly important. Our copyright laws represent an agreement among powerful publishing and media interests that is intended to work for their mutual benefit. mark for My Articles 427 similar articles
Financial Planning
September 1, 2012
Ann Marsh
Family Feud: Review Estate Plans Annually A bitter court dispute between a father and two of his children underscores how vital it is to review estate plans annually including tax provisions. mark for My Articles 284 similar articles
Information Today
August 27, 2012
George H. Pike
Georgia State University Declared 'Prevailing Party' in Copyright Battle GSU was sued for copyright infringement for its practice of scanning publishers' works for use in course webpages, on courseweb software such as Blackboard, and its e-reserve services. mark for My Articles 167 similar articles
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