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Magazine articles on international politics, treaties, trade, and the United Nations.
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November 27, 2007
Lisa Katayama
Rights Watchman Uses Satellite Photography to Monitor Abuse in Crisis Zones How a geo-information specialist has been using satellite photography to help NGOs document atrocities in isolated crisis zones. mark for My Articles 13 similar articles
November 2007
Kerry Howley
Reconstruction Mess Could anyone have predicted the failures of reconstruction in Iraq and Afghanistan? According to a new working paper, the public choice theorist Gordon Tullock did just that -- in 1965. mark for My Articles 2 similar articles
November 2007
Rogier van Bakel
'The Trouble Is the West' Best-selling memoirist and former member of the Dutch parliament, Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Islam, immigration, civil liberties, and the fate of the West. mark for My Articles 98 similar articles
November 12, 2007
Jack Ewing
The New Financial Heavyweights Sovereign funds totaling $2.8 trillion from China, the Mideast, and elsewhere are redrawing the global investment map. mark for My Articles 121 similar articles
November 1, 2007
Vincent Ryan
China's Next Miracle? After 15 years of excluding them, the Fed mulls reopening U.S. doors to Chinese banks. mark for My Articles 943 similar articles
IEEE Spectrum
November 2007
Robert N. Charette
Open-Source Warfare Terrorists are leveraging information technology to organize, recruit, and learn -- and the West is struggling to keep up. The conflict in Iraq highlights how the open global access to increasingly powerful technological tools is in effect allowing small groups to declare war on nations. mark for My Articles 766 similar articles
Chemistry World
October 29, 2007
Arthur Rogers
Deal to Allow Poor Nations Better Access to Cheap Drugs MEPs belatedly approved EU ratification of a 2005 World Trade Organization protocol on compulsory licensing -- potentially paving the way for developing countries to order generic drugs from manufacturers abroad without infringing patent rights. mark for My Articles 290 similar articles
Fast Company
November 1, 2007
Jonathan Green
Nightmare in Boomtown Mark Seidenfeld was just another American businessman cashing in on the post-Soviet boom. Then one bad deal in Kazakhstan sent his life into a spiral of extortion, Siberian prison, and frontier justice. A cautionary tale. mark for My Articles 5 similar articles
National Defense
November 2007
Stew Magnuson
Military Identity Technology Leaps Ahead of Policies To help fight the Iraqi insurgency, the Defense Department has pushed biometric collection technologies into the field. But policies on how best to use them are not fully developed. mark for My Articles 89 similar articles
IDB America
September 2007
IDB Supports Program to Improve Customs Operations in Uruguay The Inter-American Development Bank approved a $11.6 million loan to Uruguay for a program that will modernize the country's customs bureau to enhance its efficiency and quality as a compliance agency and facilitator of international trade. mark for My Articles 16 similar articles
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