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Magazine articles on international politics, treaties, trade, and the United Nations.
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IEEE Spectrum
March 2012
Eliza Strickland
A Test Case for Intellectual Property in China Will Chinese courts finally protect foreign IP? mark for My Articles 22 similar articles
The Motley Fool
January 4, 2012
David Lee Smith
How to Play the World's Wavering Oil Scene The energy scene in a number of countries is far more unstable than it was a year ago. mark for My Articles 358 similar articles
The Motley Fool
December 19, 2011
Alex Planes
What Happens With North Korea Now? Few outcomes have been less certain for their effects on political and business conditions. mark for My Articles 253 similar articles
Chemistry World
December 16, 2011
Rebecca Trager
Durban agreement welcomed by chemical industry The climate change agreement that nearly 200 nations reached on 11 December after nearly two weeks of negotiations at the United Nations climate summit in Durban, South Africa, is largely being celebrated by the global chemical industry. mark for My Articles 330 similar articles
The Motley Fool
December 6, 2011
John Grgurich
What You Need to Know About the Robin Hood Tax Lots of people like it, but the Big Banks that hold sway in Washington may not. Angela Merkel sees it as a way to make the global financial system pay for its role in the financial crisis. mark for My Articles 69 similar articles
Finance & Development
December 2011
Eswar S. Prasad
Role Reversal Emerging economies are less dependent on debt, less vulnerable to volatile investment sentiment, and are rethinking the role of capital flows mark for My Articles 733 similar articles
Finance & Development
December 2011
To Sell or Not Although the push for privatization took different forms in different parts of the world, it was part of a broader movement aimed at reducing the role of government in the economy and at increasing reliance on markets and prices. mark for My Articles 27 similar articles
Finance & Development
December 2011
Nozaki et al.
Are the Critics Right? A new study finds that public education and health spending get a boost when low-income countries receive IMF financial support mark for My Articles 142 similar articles
Finance & Development
December 2011
Josette Sheeran
Preventing Famine The ongoing drought and famine in the Horn of Africa make a case for using global risk management to achieve food security mark for My Articles 77 similar articles
Finance & Development
December 2011
Tanner & Restrepo
A Cushion for the Poor Commodity-exporting governments can reduce debt and still protect their least well off citizens mark for My Articles 99 similar articles
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