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Magazine articles of special interest to people with disabilities.
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Job Journal
March 26, 2006
Michael Kinsman
Career Pros: When Employers Misfire Even in "work at will states," employers might violate state or federal civil rights laws when they fire employees. mark for My Articles 13 similar articles
Job Journal
March 26, 2006
Bob Rosner
Working Wounded: Readers Weigh in on Bias Readers respond to obese job applicant's plight of prejudice. mark for My Articles 165 similar articles
Job Journal
March 19, 2006
Bob Rosner
Working Wounded: Obesity's Burden of Bias This email from a 320-lb jobseeker, talking about his struggle to get hired as a person who is overweight, should be posted on every bulletin board in every office to raise awareness on this issue. mark for My Articles 54 similar articles
February 17, 2006
Susan Kuchinskas
Google's Doors Still Shut to Blind An Internet petition is asking Google to provide an accessible alternative to the visual verification scheme that currently locks the blind and visually impaired out of participation in all the company's services. mark for My Articles 1381 similar articles
Foundation News & Commentary
Nov/Dec 2005
Argoff & Rousso
Hardest Hit and Least Protected People with disabilities and older adults suffered the brunt of the Gulf and Atlantic Coast hurricanes. This is what grantmakers can do to help them. mark for My Articles 193 similar articles
Financial Advisor
December 2005
Jeff Schlegel
A Special Vision Former financial advisor Mary Anne Ehlert formed an advocacy organization for the special needs community that, among other things, trains financial advisors to become advocates for and provide assistance to people in that community. mark for My Articles 7 similar articles
November 28, 2005
Stephen H. Wildstrom
Boomer-Friendly Gadgets Technology developed for those with special needs goes mainstream. mark for My Articles 84 similar articles
November 16, 2005
David Needle
Mind/Computer Interface Advances A second quadriplegic patient successfully uses BrainGate implant to control computer. mark for My Articles 19 similar articles
November 2005
Naomi Lubick
Seeing and Speaking in the Field Deaf students and their teachers traveled to the Utah desert to get their first taste of structural geology under the tutelage of Michele Cooke, a professor at the University of Massachusetts an Amherst. mark for My Articles 35 similar articles
Real Travel Adventures
November 2005
Jane Danielson
The Best Seats in the House The Players Tournament held at the TPC Sawgrass Stadium course is handicap accessible and the golfers just walk right in front of you to tee off. mark for My Articles 299 similar articles
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