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Magazine articles of special interest to people with disabilities.
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October 3, 2007
Nicholas Carlson Faces Class Action Suit Over Accessibility What steps should e-commerce store owners take to ensure their site's accessibility to the blind? mark for My Articles 24 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
July 2007
Erik Sofge
DARPA's Better Bionic Arm: Our Most Limb-Like Prosthetic In a first for prosthetics, a new mechanical arm gives its user the sense of touch. mark for My Articles 29 similar articles
Bank Technology News
May 2007
Rebecca Sausner
Security: When Lock Downs Lock Out The Blind Banks and vendors are working to make online tools secure and usable for the visually impaired. mark for My Articles 145 similar articles
March 22, 2007
David Needle
IBM Makes Software, Web, Accessibility Push Research finds accessibility rarely included in computer science curriculum. IBM announced an initiative to give teachers wider access to learning material about assistive technologies. mark for My Articles 358 similar articles
This Old House
Mary Jo Peterson
A Bath to Grow Old With Bathroom design features for meeting the demands of the aging. mark for My Articles 74 similar articles
February 2007
John Grossmann
Anna Bradley Picks a Fight She was broke, alone, and physically devastated - and then she picked up on a little-remarked federal requirement called Section 508. With that, Anna Bradley had both a calling and a pioneering business. mark for My Articles 11 similar articles
February 2007
John Grossmann
Welcome! No, Not You American business moves fitfully toward website accessibility for the disabled. mark for My Articles 41 similar articles
February 1, 2007
Elizabeth Montalbano
Project Makes Web More Accessible to the Blind IBM has developed a set of application programming interfaces collectively called IAccessible2 which make it easy for visuals in applications based on ODF and other Web technologies to be interpreted by screen readers that reproduce information verbally. mark for My Articles 176 similar articles
IEEE Spectrum
January 2007
Prachi Patel-Predd
The Enabler How Rob Sinclair has been spearheading Microsoft's efforts to make computer software and devices more usable for people with physical or learning disabilities. mark for My Articles 17 similar articles
IEEE Spectrum
January 2007
Sandra Upson
Tongue Vision A fuzzy outlook for an unpalatable technology: BrainPort, designed to help the blind, is telling you that you are facing a round object. It might be a tennis ball right in front of you. But then again, it might be a hot-air balloon a kilometer away. You really can't tell. mark for My Articles 14 similar articles
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