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Magazine articles on ancient and modern culture issues.
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September 8, 2000
Jennifer Foote Sweeney
Children, not murderers Why is it so hard for us to accept that when a horrible death occurs, there isn't always a villain? mark for My Articles 2 similar articles
September 6, 2000
Jeff Stark
TIME for an orgy? The newsweekly's managing editor blesses Burning Man. mark for My Articles 9 similar articles
August 30, 2000
Alan Deutschman
Bring on the misfits Silicon Valley owes its success to cultural outsiders, says Gregg Zachary in "The Global Me." When will the rest of the world open its doors? mark for My Articles 37 similar articles
August 30, 2000
Debra Ollivier
Whose crisis is this, anyway? Teens are getting the blame for their parents' failures. mark for My Articles 171 similar articles
Mother Jones
August 2000
Linda Weber
Star Spanglish Banner As this sampling attests, writers, musicians, and filmmakers have thrown Hispanic and U.S. cultures into the blender, and audiences -- both Latino and Anglo -- are sipping the bilingual, bicultural concoction con sabor. mark for My Articles 59 similar articles
May 12, 1999
Camille Paglia
Guns and penises Guns and penises: American society's problem isn't firearms -- it's the sexually dysfunctional men and women who abuse them. mark for My Articles 9 similar articles
August 17, 2000
John Leonard
Better red than brain-dead Why did socialism fail in the United States -- and whose loss is it, anyway? It Didn't Happen Here: Why Socialism Failed in the United States By Seymour Martin Lipset and Gary Marks mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
Aug/Sep 2000
James B. Twitchell
In Praise of Consumerism When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. And sometimes even get happy. mark for My Articles 1 similar article
Aug/Sep 2000
James B. Twitchell
How I Bought My Red Miata A comment on yuppies and a car purchase. mark for My Articles
August 14, 2000
Rick Moody & Mary Gaitskill
Sex, capitalism and antidepressants Two writers wrestle with the impossibility of literature in a society that's afraid of the dark. mark for My Articles 42 similar articles
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