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Magazine articles on archaeology, paleontology, artifacts, prehistoric origins.
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IDB America
August 2001
Roger Hamilton
Music from the other side of time Pre-Columbian instruments remain, but the music is gone forever... mark for My Articles 15 similar articles
August 6, 2001
Andrew O'Hehir
"The Seven Daughters of Eve" by Bryan Sykes From Wales to the South Pacific, we're all descended from seven prehistoric women, according to revolutionary new genetic discoveries... mark for My Articles 50 similar articles
July 24, 2001
Christopher Kemp
Robert Ballard The man who discovered the wreck of the Titanic says he's driven by "a childish desire to poke around"... mark for My Articles 39 similar articles
May 4, 2001
Chris Colin
Show me the mummy! In 1994, Bob Brier mummified a human body using ancient Egyptian techniques. Today his success story's all wrapped up... mark for My Articles 7 similar articles
April 13, 2001
Douglas Cruickshank
Fine young cannibals Amateur ethnographer and author Tobias Schneebaum has lived and loved among former headhunters -- and even sampled their cuisine... mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
February 7, 2001
Laura Miller
King David was a nebbish And Exodus never happened and the walls of Jericho did not come a-tumbling down. How archaeologists are shaking Israel to its biblical foundations... mark for My Articles 92 similar articles
January 18, 2001
Edward McSweegan
"The Man Who Found the Missing Link" by Pat Shipman A new biography recounts the story of the brilliant scientist who fought priests, politicians and jungles to prove Darwin right... mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
Science News
April 8, 2000
Trilobites to Go Extinct even before dinosaurs existed on Earth but extensively preserved in the fossil record... mark for My Articles 51 similar articles
Science News
March 25, 2000
Science Safari: Visit Ancient Corinth ...Web site features historical, literary, and archaeological information... mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
Science News
March 18, 2000
MathTrek: Whips and Dinosaur Tails The physics behind the noice of cracking a whip, and mathematical simulation to see if a dinosaur's tail could be used as a whip. mark for My Articles 7 similar articles
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