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Magazine articles on psychology.
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National Defense
March 2009
Stew Magnuson
Reverse Engineering the Brain May Accelerate Robotics Research Machines that walk upright will assist civilians and the military alike, said Stefan Schaal, associate professor of computer science and neuroscience at the University of Southern California. mark for My Articles 309 similar articles
Science News
February 14, 2009
Elizabeth Quill
Book Review: The Inner History Of Devices By Sherry Turkle, Ed. When people become intimately attached to technology, technology becomes imbued with personal meanings. mark for My Articles 2 similar articles
Scientific American
February 2009
Gary Stix
"Lazy Eye" Treatments Provide New Insight on Brain Plasticity Studies show how adult brains can be rewired back to a younger state. mark for My Articles 116 similar articles
Scientific American
January 2009
Linda Baker
Removing Roads and Traffic Lights Speeds Urban Travel Urban travel is slow and inefficient, in part because drivers act in self-interested ways mark for My Articles 95 similar articles
Ross Bonander
4 Steps: Start A Habit Whether it's regular exercise or implementing the perfect diet here are four steps to integrate it into your life until it becomes second nature. mark for My Articles 65 similar articles
Psychology Today
Nov/Dec 2008
Rebecca Webber
In Sickness and In Health Before you say, "I do," scrutinize your lover's drinking habits. Or eating patterns. Your choice of romantic partner helps determine how healthy - -or how sick -- you'll be. mark for My Articles 99 similar articles
Psychology Today
Nov/Dec 2008
Scott Barry Kaufman
Confessions of a Late Bloomer We have fixed notions about the time course of success and the nature of talent that encourage us to write off the very people who are most likely to (eventually) change the world. mark for My Articles 15 similar articles
Psychology Today
Nov/Dec 2008
Taylor Clark
The 8 1/2 Laws of Rumor Spread Some rumors grind to a halt, while others circle the world. Why some ideas spread and others die. mark for My Articles 15 similar articles
Psychology Today
Nov/Dec 2008
Nando Pelusi
Neanderthink: Good Girls, Bad Girls The vagaries of paternity have led men to sharply categorize women -- even in a hookup culture. Women can get savvy about this male propensity. mark for My Articles 49 similar articles
Psychology Today
Jan/Feb 2009
Carlin Flora
The Pursuit of Happiness Has the happiness frenzy of the past few years left you sad and anxious? Herein we report the surest ways to find well-being. mark for My Articles 85 similar articles
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