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Magazine articles on other animals and pets.
Old Articles: <Older 131-140 Newer> How Did Laughter Evolve? While human laughter sounds much different from the ape versions, its distinctive features could well have arisen from shared ancestral traits. mark for My Articles similar articles
Popular Mechanics
June 2009
Joe P. Hasler
Hoof Specialist: This Is My Job Farriers have been shoeing horses for two thousand years, but none have done the job quite like Ian McKinlay. mark for My Articles similar articles
October 2008
Justin Nyberg
Wilder Kingdom A legendary animal showman says he's going to reinvent the zoo. Too bad his vision sounds a lot like the circus. mark for My Articles similar articles
Popular Mechanics
July 22, 2008
Erin McCarthy
3 Next-Gen Animal Prosthetics Build Perfect Beasts Scientists believe outfitting disabled animals with prosthetics can maintain biodiversity and help save endangered species. Here are the tales of three lucky patients. mark for My Articles similar articles
Popular Mechanics
March 12, 2008
Erin McCarthy
Super-Size Surgery at Next-Gen Zoo Could Halt Elephant Killings Utilizing fiberoptic instruments to permanently sterilize free-ranging elephants will help manage the population of elephants and prevent the need to kill them. mark for My Articles similar articles
Real Travel Adventures
March 2008
Antonio Graceffo
Saving the Crocodiles The Philippine island of Palawan is home to a number of rare and interesting animals. Unfortunately, illegal logging and poaching has placed many on endangered lists. Now, groups have established a crocodile conservancy to study and protect these reptiles. mark for My Articles
January 2008
Ronald Bailey
Buzz Kill Researchers have found an acute paralysis virus present in 96% of collapsed honeybee hives, dispelling theories of biotech crops and cell phones causing the insect's demise. mark for My Articles similar articles
January 18, 2008
Daniel Dumas
The Best: Extinct Animals, From an Elephant Bird to a 10-Foot-Long, 4-Eyed Spider Carcharodon megalodon... Arthropleura armata... Meganeura monyi... Aepyornis maximum... Elasmotherium sibiricum... Gigantopithecus blacki... Jaekelopterus rhenaniae... Shonisaurus sikanniensis... Doedicurus clavicaudatus... etc. mark for My Articles
Popular Mechanics
December 2007
Paul Tolme
Wildlife CSI: Inside the Case of the Poisoned Meatballs Crime labs investigate illegal killings of endangered species. mark for My Articles similar articles
Science News
September 29, 2007
Science Safari: Not Your Ordinary Amphibians Caecilians are legless amphibians, and along with deep sea fishes are among the least well known vertebrates on the planet. mark for My Articles similar articles
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