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Magazine articles on projections and statistics for the internet.
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July 18, 2005
Ben Elgin
Google's Leap May Slow Rivals' Growth MSN and Yahoo! face new challenges as their share of the search engine market falls, but they are offering new search features to remain competitive. mark for My Articles 2663 similar articles
July 5, 2005
Roy Mark
NASA'S Comet Collision Explodes in 'Net Traffic Deep Impact's spectacular collision with the comet Tempel 1 resulted in an explosion of record traffic to the NASA Web site to see how it looked. mark for My Articles 123 similar articles
Wall Street & Technology
July 1, 2005
Maria Santos
IT Help Wanted During the first quarter of 2005, IT jobs represented nearly 20% of the online job posting market on, an online network of employment Web sites with more than 170,000 listings. mark for My Articles 28 similar articles
June 17, 2005
Sean Michael Kerner
E-commerce Rolls, So Do Threats VeriSign says e-commerce made impressive gains in the first quarter, but pharming and other threats did too. mark for My Articles 118 similar articles
June 16, 2005
Jim Wagner
AOL The Most Infected? That's 'Silly' The ISP topped an infection list at 5.3 percent, but AOL officials blamed the way the rate was calculated. mark for My Articles 223 similar articles
June 9, 2005
Sean Michael Kerner
Global Domain Names on a High The number of worldwide domain name registrations continues its climb on the basis of a strong global economy and an increase in Internet users. mark for My Articles 263 similar articles
June 2, 2005
Colin C. Haley
Broadband Subs Pull Into Passing Lane The number of U.S. households with high-speed Internet connections is about to pass dial-up. That's welcome news for more than just ISPs. mark for My Articles 727 similar articles
May 26, 2005
Sean Michael Kerner
Addicted to E-Mail? You're Not Alone A new study from AOL shows that the average e-mail user just can't stay away. mark for My Articles 145 similar articles
May 20, 2005
Sean Michael Kerner
Retail E-Commerce Growth Outpacing The Pack The Census Bureau reports a 24% growth in e-commerce sales from last year. mark for My Articles 118 similar articles
May 13, 2005
Sean Michael Kerner
Tallying How SMBs Reap Ecommerce Benefits Study shows that most small and medium sized businesses with Internet access are generating increasing revenues from their e-commerce activities. mark for My Articles 139 similar articles
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