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Magazine articles on portals and online communities and entertainment.
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Information Today
June 17, 2014
Institutions Gain Altmetric Functionality Altmetric collates scholarly article mentions across social media, blog posts, public policy documents, and other online sources. mark for My Articles 28 similar articles
Fast Company
Jul/Aug 2014
Carr & Wilson
Facebook's Plan To Own Your Phone To make Facebook more relevant than ever, the company has targeted the very core of the app economy to fulfill its vision for the next half-decade. mark for My Articles 1098 similar articles
Fast Company
Neal Ungerleider
How Twitter Is Preparing For The World Cup When World Cup matches take place, entire countries take to the Internet. They tweet, update their Facebook statuses, and watch instant replays at a massive clip. mark for My Articles 576 similar articles
Fast Company
Chris Gayomali
If You Don't Read The Onion's New Clickbait Parody Site, They'll Kill This Dog The Onion's brand-new site, Clickhole, skewers the clickbait economy while providing sharp, incisive social commentary into the way we Internet. mark for My Articles
Fast Company
David Zax
How Facebook's Chief Creative Officer Makes Ad Campaigns Go Viral How is advertising on Facebook different from advertising elsewhere -- so much so that a chief creative officer and a large team is needed to shape it? mark for My Articles 494 similar articles
Pharmaceutical Executive
June 1, 2014
dos Santos & Leskin
Social Media and the In-House Counsel Social media poses a regulatory and litigation maze that must be carefully navigated by pharmaceutical companies. mark for My Articles 353 similar articles
Fast Company
Alice Truong
CIA Joins Twitter: "We Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny That This Is Our First Tweet" The Central Intelligence Agency made its Twitter debut Friday with a cheeky tweet that has been shared more than 50,000 times in its first hour. mark for My Articles 527 similar articles
Fast Company
Noah Kagan
10 Insider's Lessons From Facebook's Marketing Strategy As you read articles and posts about successful companies, take what you can and apply it to your business -- but don't force a square peg in a round hole. mark for My Articles 460 similar articles
Fast Company
Alice Truong
The Secret Service Is Seeking Sarcasm-Detecting Software For Social Media Adding to its image as humorless agents in suits, the Secret Service is on the market for a snark detector. mark for My Articles 11 similar articles Fake Nurse Profile Promotes Men's Health Month On Tinder Tinder, the location-based app used to meet women, is the last place you'd expect to be solicited to take a colon exam. Until now. mark for My Articles 14 similar articles
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