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Magazine articles recommending assorted websites.
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PC Magazine
October 19, 2004
William Van Winkle
Alternative Dating Here is a look at five specialty dating sites that goes with the way you define yourself. mark for My Articles 20 similar articles
Science News
October 2, 2004
Skeptical Brains A link to a site dedicated to showcase recent media misinterpretations of brain studies. mark for My Articles 136 similar articles
Science News
September 25, 2004
Quick Flicks The BrainPOP Web site boasts more than 200 animated movies with accompanying comics and activities that answer students' questions about science, math, health, and technology. mark for My Articles 73 similar articles
September 23, 2004
I Scream for Ice Cream Why settle for someone else's idea of a Chubby Hubby when you can create your own? recently launched a site that lets you design your own ice cream. mark for My Articles 88 similar articles
Reactive Reports
Issue 40
Star Picks Some great web sites for chemical and biological reference sources. mark for My Articles 122 similar articles
October 2004
Steve Cooper
Resources 10/04 Here's a few Web sites, organizations and more to help you grow your business: Commercial real estate listings nationwide... Easy-to-search U.S. Census data... Syndicated content sources... Directory of associations... etc. mark for My Articles 24 similar articles
Science News
September 18, 2004
Click and Clone The Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah has an interactive Web site for middle or high school students that teaches the basics of somatic cell cloning, the type of cloning used to create Dolly the sheep. mark for My Articles 48 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
September 2004
Junior Achievement Program Turns Students into Business In this free Web-based simulation program, students become CEOs of their own manufacturing company and must master key business decisions such as price, production levels, capital investment, marketing, and R&D. mark for My Articles 89 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
September 2004
WWC Launches New Site, Releases Study Reports The What Works Clearinghouse's (WWC) new Web site provides access to comprehensive and user-friendly reports reviewing evidence of the effectiveness of educational interventions such as programs, products, practices and policies. mark for My Articles 86 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
September 2004
Google for Reading' Delivers a Wealth of Book Resources The goal of is to foster enthusiasm for books and reading by providing easy access to authors, illustrators and exceptional book resources in one central location. mark for My Articles 29 similar articles
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