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Magazine articles of interest to internet access providers and their customers.
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January 29, 2009
Kenneth Corbin
Google Shines Light on ISP Throttling How much do you know about your Internet connection? The search giant and research groups team up on a platform to put Internet activity under a microscope. mark for My Articles 5 similar articles
January 21, 2009
Kenneth Corbin
Battle Lines Drawn in Broadband Stimulus Debate With $825 billion recovery bill on the table, debate turns to the details. mark for My Articles 347 similar articles
The Motley Fool
December 22, 2008
Alyce Lomax
A Different and Disturbing Tactic for the RIAA The silly lawsuits may be over, but more trouble may still be on the horizon. mark for My Articles 79 similar articles
PC Magazine
December 2, 2008
Jeremy A. Kaplan
The Fastest ISPs in America--and Where You Live Looking for speed? We polled tens of thousands of PCMag readers across the country to find out which ISPs, and which types of connections, yield the blazingest speeds. mark for My Articles 209 similar articles
Home Theater
October 10, 2008
YouTube to Explore Media Retailing YouTube is getting into the media retail business. Soon the site that feeds video clips to millions will be selling music, movies, TV shows, games, books, and concert tickets. mark for My Articles 425 similar articles
September 25, 2008
Judy Mottl
ISPs Vow Self-Regulation to Curb Data Misuse In the wake of the NebuAd uproar, Verizon, AT&T and Time Warner act before the government steps in, while pointing fingers at privacy abuses elsewhere. mark for My Articles 228 similar articles
September 3, 2008
Kenneth Corbin
Hundreds of Sites Blocked in Thai Crackdown Amid a spate of antigovernment protests, the Thai government is aiming to shut down 400 Web sites that it claims are threats to national security and social order and has advised ISPs to restrict access to another 800. mark for My Articles 113 similar articles
August 29, 2008
Andy Patrizio
Comcast's Answer to Downloaders: Monthly Limits How likely is the average user to hit the wall of their new 250GB restriction? mark for My Articles 331 similar articles
Home Theater
August 4, 2008
British Gov't and ISPs Attack P2P Internet service providers in Great Britain have agreed to send letters accusing customers of stealing music. And the government has set a goal of reducing illegal file sharing by up to 80 percent within three years. mark for My Articles 15 similar articles
March 27, 2008
Andy Patrizio
Comcast, BitTorrent Pass The Digital Peace Pipe Agreement is about throttling of BitTorrent transfers as Comcast pumps up the speed. mark for My Articles 277 similar articles
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