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Magazine articles on broadband service and applications, DSL, cable modem, VoIP and video-on-demand.
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October 1, 2007
Marshall Lager
Something Special in the Air Carriers announce the latest attempt to provide broadband Internet access to airline passengers. mark for My Articles 272 similar articles
PC World
September 26, 2007
Mark Sullivan
How to Switch to VoIP Phone Service Switching to VoIP can be especially worthwhile if your company spends a lot on long-distance calls to far-flung employees, partners, and contacts. Here's how to make VoIP work for you. mark for My Articles 491 similar articles
October 2007
Julie Moline
Make the Connection It's getting easier than ever to stay connected on the road. mark for My Articles 131 similar articles
PC Magazine
September 12, 2007
John C. Dvorak
Wireless Promises, Unmet The cellular mobile network for voice calls has blossomed into a multibillion-dollar behemoth of a business, but where is the rest of the wireless revolution -- wireless Internet, home stereo, even power transmission? mark for My Articles 343 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
October 2007
Glenn Derene
Broadband Speed Test: Know Your Stuff Your Internet service provider's maximum speed is not necessarily what you're getting every day. So how do you know if your connection is up to snuff? mark for My Articles 14 similar articles
September 3, 2007
Jay Greene
A Sneak Preview Of WiMAX WiMAX aims to eventually provide Web browsing speeds many times faster than Wi-Fi and a gigantic range that will keep you permanently connected to the Net - at home, in your car, in a city park, or on the beach. mark for My Articles 221 similar articles
PC Magazine
September 4, 2007
Heather V. Eng
Movies: Straight to Download Hollywood experiments with direct-to-download feature films. But will people trade in the big screen for the monitor? mark for My Articles 106 similar articles
PC World
July 25, 2007
Sullivan & Spring
Early IPTV Uses Only a Little of Its Fat Pipe Verizon's FiOS and AT&T's U-verse IPTV services looked fine during our hands-on tests, but they're not revolutionizing TV -- yet. mark for My Articles 117 similar articles
The Motley Fool
July 23, 2007
Dave Mock
Google: The Real iPhone Killer Rumors say Google is contemplating a "GooglePhone" that would truly be a free-access device -- one that accesses open, ubiquitous broadband networks in the same way PCs can connect to Wi-Fi networks today. The debate has a long way to go. mark for My Articles 1816 similar articles
August 2007
Mike Hogan
Just a Click and a Phone Call Away New VoIP sites let you make calls all over the globe for cheap. mark for My Articles 192 similar articles
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