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Magazine articles on mixed topics on the internet, letters, and news briefs.
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Search Engine Watch
April 15, 2004
Jeffrey Rohrs
Google Drops Restrictions on AdWords; Amazon's A9 Launches Google has unveiled new AdWords policy disclaiming any responsibility to monitor or restrict keywords for ads served within the U.S. and Canada...'s separately branded and operated subsidiary has launched a beta version of its web search site... mark for My Articles 1467 similar articles
February 6, 2004
Feedback: Virus Writing: Not Fun, Not Funny Readers weigh in on Chris Nerney's column about the MyDoom virus and offer their own solutions too. mark for My Articles 272 similar articles
PC Magazine
December 24, 2003
Bits & Bytes (v23n1) Scientists at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have used DNA to create a self-assembling nanoscale transistor... 125 Internet crime suspects arrested in November... mark for My Articles 196 similar articles
December 19, 2003
Janis Mara
IAR Bits and Bytes for December 19, 2003 ValueClick's aquisition raises its expectations... 24/7 Real Media gains Korean presence... Analytics rivals swap technology patents... mark for My Articles 52 similar articles
PC Magazine
November 5, 2003
Bits & Bytes The entire human genome now exists on a chip... On the average, a typical corporate user receives 81 e-mails and sends 29 messages per day... Online retail sales in the U.S. have jumped in 2003... mark for My Articles 184 similar articles
PC World
October 2003
Scott Spanbauer
Can You Pass the PC World Password Safety Test? Password rules and tools; clear your passwords; cache news to read offline; update your media players. mark for My Articles 240 similar articles
PC World
September 2003
Scott Spanbauer
Internet Tips: Play It Safe With the Right Browser Security Settings Select the appropriate browser settings; improve wireless-network security with WPA. mark for My Articles 675 similar articles
PC World
August 2003
Scott Spanbauer
Internet Tips: Pay Less, Stay Private, and Block Spam in One Shot Get the most from AOL and MSN; reduce the flow of junk mail; download a free software firewall. mark for My Articles 894 similar articles
PC World
July 2003
Steve Fox
Fast Net Access From Your Power Outlet Plus: Jailing spammers, packing DVD bytes, and 64 bits from AMD. mark for My Articles 193 similar articles
June 2003
Liane Cassavoy
Hot Disks Secure instant messaging, faster Web surfing and more mark for My Articles 380 similar articles
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