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Magazine articles on gardening and yard work.
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National Gardening
Marion Lyons
A Lawn in a Day It's lawn-planting time. Should you lay sod or sow seed? Sod has the edge mark for My Articles 87 similar articles
National Gardening
Cathy White
Building a Pond Garden Reap the pleasures of water by adding a pond to your garden. mark for My Articles 111 similar articles
National Gardening
Shila Patel
Glove Affair For gardeners, it's a matter of style, fit, and function. mark for My Articles 39 similar articles
National Gardening
Charlie Nardozzi
Kudzu Moves North Thanks to warming weather, the scourge of the South is now becoming the plague of the North as well. mark for My Articles 7 similar articles
National Gardening
Kathy Bond Borie
Need to Justify Those New Plants? It's well known that attractive landscaping can increase the selling price of a house, but before you bank on a return on any big landscaping projects, here are some data to consider. mark for My Articles 15 similar articles
National Gardening
Michael Phillips
Growing Organic Apples How to grow blemish-free apples without resorting to unfriendly sprays mark for My Articles 60 similar articles
National Gardening
Ben Watson
Hybrid or Open Pollinated Is one type of vegetable seed better than another? mark for My Articles 158 similar articles
National Gardening
Deborah Wechsler
Super-Nutritious Vegetables Now you can plant vegetables bred for their high nutrient content mark for My Articles 156 similar articles
National Gardening Planting Grapes The fall before you plant, mark the location for your vines. Get rid of all weeds, especially perennial ones, as your vines can easily survive 30 years or more in the same location. mark for My Articles 143 similar articles
National Gardening Growing Onions As with most vegetables, you can start onions from seed in the garden. But many onions have relatively long growing seasons and onion seeds don't germinate quickly, so it's often better to start the crop another way. You can set out transplants, or you can plant "sets" (half-grown onions). mark for My Articles 333 similar articles
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