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Magazine articles on pregnancy and parenting.
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November 26, 2002
Thompson & Sacks
Families and the war America's enemies abroad are not the only danger fathers who will be called up as military reservists face. Upon return, those with child support orders will face a threat here at home -- the war that is being waged against "deadbeat dads." mark for My Articles 41 similar articles
November 13, 2002
Suzy Hansen
"Love at Goon Park" by Deborah Blum Psychologist Harry Harlow proved that children need warmth and affection -- but he tormented dozens of monkeys to do it. mark for My Articles 1 similar article
November 12, 2002
Glenn Sacks
Shouldn't Men Have a Choice, Too? A growing movement of men who bristle at being "coerced fathers," have enlisted in a "Choice for Men" movement whose goals are every bit as legitimate as the goals of the women's reproductive rights movement. mark for My Articles 70 similar articles
Registered Rep.
November 1, 2002
Kevin McKinley
When That Bundle of Joy Grows Up to Be a Biker Chick With a little foresight, a few strategies can allow parents to stick to the letter of the law while preventing their well-intentioned savings in a custodial account from being frittered away by someone who is an "adult" in name only. mark for My Articles 530 similar articles
November 11, 2002
Lynn Ponton
From Laramie to California The father of a cross-dressing teenage boy is terrified for the boy's safety. He's right to be worried, says the author, a psychiatrist. It's a scary world for these courageous teens. mark for My Articles 187 similar articles
November 2002
Cathy Young
Dad Blood If DNA tests prove that you're not your children's father, do you still owe child support? mark for My Articles 129 similar articles
October 31, 2002
Arianna Huffington
Drugging our children the legal way America's legal drug pushers are free to offer kids their potent concoctions without having to prove they're safe or effective. mark for My Articles 697 similar articles
October 30, 2002
Nell Bernstein
The drug war's littlest victims Measures to put drug abusers in rehab instead of jail could rescue their kids from the cycle of addiction, foster care and crime. mark for My Articles 141 similar articles
October 29, 2002
Joan Walsh
Daddy's home Sharing the dugout and lots of affection with their sons, the Giants telegraphed good news about fatherhood -- and manhood -- in 2002. mark for My Articles 62 similar articles
October 29, 2002
CPSC Urges Safety for Halloween Trick-or-Treaters As Halloween approaches, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is providing tips to prevent injuries to trick- or-treaters. mark for My Articles 95 similar articles
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