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Magazine articles on illnesses, injuries, currently available treatments, drugs, and homeopathy.
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Chemistry World
October 24, 2013
Emily James
Parkinson's protein holds clue to oxidative stress Scientists from the UK have identified a possible cause for the oxidative stress found in patients with Parkinson's disease. mark for My Articles 36 similar articles
Fast Company
November 2013
Elizabeth Murphy
Inside 23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki's $99 DNA Revolution If Wojcicki gets it right, 23andMe could help change the health care industry as we know it. "At $99, we are opening the doors of access," she says. "Genetics is part of an entire path for how you're going to live a healthier life." mark for My Articles 60 similar articles
Chemistry World
October 9, 2013
Phillip Broadwith
GSK to apply for malaria vaccine approval Preliminary results from the first ever Phase III clinical trial of a malaria vaccine show that it can reduce malaria infections in vaccinated children over 18 months. mark for My Articles 193 similar articles
Chemistry World
October 7, 2013
Megan Tyler
Searching for a hangover cure Scientists have suggested that what you drink following the consumption of alcoholic beverages could alter the effect of alcohol on your body. The carbonated drink Sprite emerged as a potential reliever of alcohol-related symptoms. mark for My Articles 78 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 30, 2013
Jason Woolford
Mutant enzymes help break cocaine habit An enzyme modified to hydrolyse cocaine 1000 faster than it did before could form the basis of the first medicinal treatment for cocaine addiction. mark for My Articles 9 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 25, 2013
Patrick Walter
Flame retardants levels in pregnant women fall following ban A decade long California ban on a class of persistent flame retardants used in electronics and furniture is already reaping benefits for pregnant women. mark for My Articles 11 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 23, 2013
William Bergius
Nanoparticles stop mosquitoes breeding A simple synthesis for environmentally benign carbon nanoparticles that could be used to control mosquito populations has been demonstrated by scientists in India. The transmission of diseases by mosquitoes is estimated to be responsible for 2 million deaths every year. mark for My Articles 31 similar articles
James Fell
Alcohol And Weight Gain Alcohol calories rival that of sugar-sweetened beverages. Liquid calories are not satiating, and high ingestion is a major cause of weight gain. mark for My Articles 288 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 19, 2013
Emma Eley
Atheroprotective pathway of superfood spirulina Scientists investigating the health enhancing properties of spirulina have identified that its atheroprotective activity may be due to it having a protein with a similar structure to bilirubin. mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
Chemistry World
September 18, 2013
Sonja Hampel
Beetle feet inspire drug delivery patches A drug delivery plaster mimicking the wet adhesion of beetle feet has been developed by scientists in Taiwan. mark for My Articles 75 similar articles
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