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Magazine articles on exercise and fitness.
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August 19, 2012
Ron Forehand
Weight Loss Success Story The secret to losing weight and putting on muscle isn't some hidden treasure found in a series of fitness books. It is the only sound piece of advice that has echoed through the halls of fitness fads: eat right and work hard. mark for My Articles 367 similar articles
July 22, 2012
James Fell
Lessons From My First Marathon If you don't run, start. Because it's awesome, that's why. If you do run, you need to put a marathon on your bucket list. Finish one and you'll understand why. mark for My Articles 57 similar articles
July 7, 2012
Brett Hoebel
Sexercise There is a lot to learn about the subject of sex from a fitness perspective. Here are a few "sexercise" tips you may not know. mark for My Articles 309 similar articles
July 2, 2012
Tony Horton
Big Fish First If you're having trouble getting and/or staying in shape, check to see where your priorities are. Do you have a plan for your success? Have you scheduled your workouts in advance? Are you watching TV when you could be getting the small tasks out of the way? mark for My Articles 35 similar articles
June 14, 2012
James Fell
Adam van Koeverden Interview Canadian kayaker Adam van Koeverden knows it's not all kayak all the time. Adam also spends a lot of time in the gym lifting weights, and enjoys cycling and running. He'll be representing his country in the Olympics yet again this summer in London. mark for My Articles 12 similar articles
May 16, 2012
Vince Del Monte
15-Minute Workout This is a workout designed for individuals seeking maximal muscular development and leanness by trashing all the critical growth fibers in one insane 43-rep set on the same body part. It's called the 16-12-25 workout. Yikes! mark for My Articles 508 similar articles
May 14, 2012
James Fell
Healthy Exercise Did you kick butt with exercise today? Did you eat healthfully today? Did you not overeat today? Answer "yes" to those three and the micro issue of things like recovery drinks pale. mark for My Articles 89 similar articles
John Romaniello
Glute Exercises If there is anything that should inspire you to work your butt into tip-top shape, it's the mere fact that summer is around the corner and it's going to be on display. mark for My Articles 151 similar articles The First 20 Minutes The debate around the mechanics of running has garnered tons of attention recently. Here's another side to it: Humans just were never meant to run. The introduction to The First 20 Minutes by Gretchen Reynolds, a fitness columnist for the New York Times, explains why. mark for My Articles 52 similar articles
Ian Lee
Start Up Running Program For any type of exercise program, especially a running program, a warm-up, stretch and cool down are essential. Before stretching, one should increase his body temperature. You can do that by performing jumping jacks or riding a stationary bike. mark for My Articles 183 similar articles
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