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Magazine articles on dieting, the effects of diet on health, nutrition, and healthy foods.
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Dave Asprey
High Fat Diet Benefits New scientific research has shown that not only are fats less dangerous than we thought, they might actually be the most important part of a good diet. mark for My Articles 606 similar articles Post-Workout Juice Recipes Here are three juice recipes to help with your post-workout recovery. mark for My Articles 193 similar articles
April 10, 2015
James Fell
Science Babe Interview Last week, Yvette d'Entremont left no stone unturned when it came to exposing some of the epic bovine droppings espoused by a blogger called the Food Babe. mark for My Articles 1 similar article
Matt Chappell
Body Transformations Can a 90-day body transformation plan and an online personal trainer really get you lean? mark for My Articles 530 similar articles
April 2, 2015
K. Aleisha Fetters
Eating Healthy While Traveling How to eat healthy, even when you're on the road. mark for My Articles 62 similar articles
March 30, 2015
Brendan Brazier
Workout Recovery Foods Here are eight superfoods to fuel your post-workout recovery. mark for My Articles 140 similar articles
Dave Asprey
Foods Killing Your Sex Drive Here are four things you're eating that are killing your sex drive. mark for My Articles 387 similar articles
Patel & Frank
Supplement Myths To help you avoid the most common supplement myths and save you money, we've compiled several you're likely to stumble across online below. mark for My Articles 52 similar articles
March 15, 2015
Leandre Low
The Health Benefits Of Guinness Should you try out the so-called 'Guinness diet'? We looked into it. mark for My Articles 42 similar articles
K. Aleisha Fetters
Should You Take Probiotics? The evidence in favor of taking probiotics isn't nearly as strong as you'd think. mark for My Articles 46 similar articles
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