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Magazine articles on tax law and tax minimization.
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The Motley Fool
July 6, 2011
Selena Maranjian
This Is the Worst Kind of Tax Cut Why cut the service that brings in money? mark for My Articles 257 similar articles
The Motley Fool
July 1, 2011
Dan Radovsky
Amazon Says No to the Golden State The online retailer acts decisively to voice disapproval of California's new sales-tax law. mark for My Articles 490 similar articles
Financial Planning
July 1, 2011
Martin Shenkman
After Death Do We Plan Tremendous estate-tax planning opportunities exist following a client's death. While pre-death planning remains vital, post-death planning allows for oversights and errors to be corrected - and for new planning opportunities as well. mark for My Articles 134 similar articles
The Motley Fool
June 29, 2011
Morgan Housel
Come Home, Dear Cash Rooting for a repatriation holiday. Big businesses have tons of cash, yet most of it is parked overseas. Worse, they have every incentive to keep it there. mark for My Articles 37 similar articles
Registered Rep.
June 24, 2011
Stan Luxenberg
Tax Mitigation Strategies Using ETFs and Mutual Funds Now that the bull market is in its third year, many funds are again stockpiling capital gains. Those can generate unexpected tax bills -- and cause investors -- your clients -- to hit the roof. mark for My Articles 586 similar articles
The Motley Fool
June 22, 2011
Chris Hill
Amazon vs. the States of America We discuss Hulu, FedEx, and the "Amazon tax" on today's edition of "MarketFoolery." mark for My Articles 669 similar articles
June 9, 2011
Steven Sloan
States Are Rejecting Millionaire Taxes Opposition from Republicans and business, plus rising revenues, are leading to a rollback mark for My Articles 86 similar articles
HBS Working Knowledge
June 2, 2011
Carmen Nobel
Signing at the Top: The Key to Preventing Tax Fraud? Researchers Francesca Gino and Lisa Shu discuss whether governments and companies can bolster honesty simply by moving the honesty pledge and signature line to the top of the form, before people encounter the opportunity to cheat. mark for My Articles 20 similar articles
The Motley Fool
June 2, 2011
Selena Maranjian
Why You Should Harvest Gains in 2011 and 2012 The latest development in our tax code could make this year or next a great time to harvest some of your capital gains. mark for My Articles 189 similar articles
Financial Planning
June 1, 2011
David E. Adler
Costly Harvest Investing with full knowledge of tax consequences is critical for portfolio performance, and tax-loss harvesting is one of the most useful tools in an advisor's toolbox. But has the tactic been over-hyped? mark for My Articles 47 similar articles
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