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Magazine articles on tax law and tax minimization.
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October 7, 2010
Ryan J. Donmoyer
Wealthy Families' Living-Gift Strategy Families are locking in the historically low 35 percent gift tax and hoping they don't die before the end of the year, forfeiting the no-estate-tax bonanza. mark for My Articles 145 similar articles
The Motley Fool
October 6, 2010
Dan Caplinger
A Tax Cut Everyone Can Agree on Taxing mutual fund and ETF capital gain distributions has never made sense. mark for My Articles 907 similar articles
Financial Advisor
October 2010
Eric L. Reiner
The Waiting Game Advisors want to know what tax rules 2011 will bring. mark for My Articles 450 similar articles
Financial Planning
October 1, 2010
Jones & Luscombe
The Tax Forecast Washington watchers share their sense of what's ahead for your client's taxes - and your clients and your own. mark for My Articles 291 similar articles
Financial Planning
October 1, 2010
Martin Shenkman
Estate Issues While the estate tax law remains in limbo, what's a planner to do? Here, some important questions are answered. mark for My Articles 113 similar articles
Investment Advisor
October 2010
Melanie Waddell
Obama Calls for End to Some Bush-Era Tax Cuts; Fiduciary Lobbying Continues Some experts see a tax deal in early 2011 mark for My Articles 780 similar articles
Investment Advisor
October 2010
A PIF in Action Consider the following Roth conversion situation: A client converts her $1 million traditional IRA to a Roth IRA resulting in federal tax at today's top bracket (35%) of $350,000. mark for My Articles 438 similar articles
On Wall Street
October 1, 2010
Schroeder & Dutton
November Elections Put Tax Cut Extensions On Hold Market participants warn that it's unlikely that federal lawmakers will take action on proposals to extend expiring tax programs or keep income tax cuts in place for the middle class before the November elections. mark for My Articles 244 similar articles
Registered Rep.
September 21, 2010
Alan Lavine
Empty Nesters May Still Need To Purchase Life Should your empty nester clients get life insurance? Perhaps -- if they have a lot of personal and/or business liabilities or concerns about estate taxes. mark for My Articles 187 similar articles
September 22, 2010
NAM's Challenge to Office Holders One of NAM's goals is to get politicians to reduce the corporate tax rate to 25% or less, and don't impose offsetting tax increases. mark for My Articles 56 similar articles
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