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Magazine articles on treasuries, munis, corporate bonds, and junk bonds.
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On Wall Street
January 1, 2013
Jeff Tjornehoj
Classifying Funds That Turn to Lower-Rated Debt to Boost Return One analyst says it s time to separate bond fund classification strategies into distinct groups. mark for My Articles 735 similar articles
Financial Advisor
November 2012
Marla Brill
Beyond Bonds As interest rates remain at rock-bottom levels, investors seeking higher yields are piling into bond funds. Mark Freeman has produced an attractive total return with low volatility without depending solely on fixed income securities. mark for My Articles 2041 similar articles
Financial Planning
November 1, 2012
Craig L. Israelsen
Thinking Globally: Diversified Portfolio Needs Foreign Stocks. Are They Worth it? A diversified portfolio may need foreign stocks, but are non-U.S. bonds worth the trouble? mark for My Articles 795 similar articles
Financial Advisor
October 2012
Michelle Knight
A Great Reallocation? The long predicted shift from bonds to equities could finally happen. mark for My Articles 1616 similar articles
Financial Planning
October 1, 2012
Craig L. Israelsen
How Planners Can Use Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities for a Portfolio If Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities are added to an equity-based portfolio, what is their impact on returns and volatility? mark for My Articles 825 similar articles
Financial Advisor
September 2012
Maureen Nevin Duffy
2012: Seeking Yield More investors are piling into muni bonds, but certain cities face intractable economic difficulties. mark for My Articles 680 similar articles
Financial Planning
September 1, 2012
Craig L. Israelsen
Should Investors Avoid Fixed Income Securities When Interest Rates Rise? Why not test the conventional wisdom that investors should avoid fixed-income securities when interest rates rise? mark for My Articles 1195 similar articles
Registered Rep.
August 31, 2012
Kevin McKinley
Savings Bonds for Retirees Series I savings bonds can be useful for investors seeking security, liquidity and an inflation hedge; they also may help you build trust with clients. mark for My Articles 1404 similar articles
Registered Rep.
August 27, 2012
Stan Luxenberg
Bill Gross' New Trick PIMCO's Total Return ETF has proven the skeptics wrong and outperformed the flagship fund that shares its strategy. mark for My Articles 992 similar articles
Financial Planning
August 1, 2012
Ilana Polyak
Focus on the Home Front When conditions are bad, sometimes it's best to stay home. That's largely how mutual fund investors felt about the second quarter. Bonds were the place where investors sought solace. mark for My Articles 627 similar articles
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