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Magazine articles on television shows, trends, actors, and actresses.
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Fast Company
January 2005
Alan Cohen
Swimming Against The Tide Cartoon Network's Adult Swim operation stays edgy and creative -- despite its lumbering corporate parent. mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
January 2005
Charles Paul Freund
Allah My Children An arabic-language soap opera was pulled after a Web site that often features messages from Islamist extremists carried a threat against everyone involved with the show. mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
The Motley Fool
December 17, 2004
Yochim & Beyers
Trump's New Apprentice The television show wraps up a strong second season with a photo finish. mark for My Articles 55 similar articles
The Motley Fool
December 10, 2004
Yochim & Beyers
It's Trumplets! The final two Apprentice applicants embark on the ultimate job interview. mark for My Articles 29 similar articles
The Motley Fool
December 9, 2004
Rick Aristotle Munarriz
Showtime for Martha Next year will bring a brand new Martha Stewart show, but it's not as daring as it could have been. mark for My Articles 123 similar articles
December 8, 2004
Wendy McElroy
NYC Must Come Clean on Foster Kids AIDS Scandal Power without accountability is an invitation for abuse. Nothing short of transparency on the part of New York City's Administration for Child Services and drug companies, such as Glaxo SmithKline, will make the hideous accusations raised by the BBC's documentary "Guinea Pig Kids" go away. mark for My Articles 15 similar articles
National Real Estate Investor
December 1, 2004
Matt Valley
Bradford Cohen Takes Early Exit from The Apprentice in Stride Bradford Cohen, attorney and fledgling commercial real estate developer, has experienced what many Americans only dream about, a shot at becoming Donald Trump's second made-for-television apprentice. mark for My Articles 71 similar articles
December 2004
Love and Memory and Humanity Magician and novelist Penn Jillette on U.S. censorship, sock monkeys, and the cable TV show Bullshit! mark for My Articles 5 similar articles
The Motley Fool
December 3, 2004
Yochim & Beyers
Trump Lands on Mars On the television show The Apprentice, a sweet challenge leads to a sour taste in the mouth of Trump's right-hand woman. mark for My Articles 21 similar articles
The Motley Fool
December 2, 2004
Bill Mann
Jeopardy! Gives Block Awesome Branding When Ken Jennings ended his 74-time Jeopardy! winning streak, H&R Block won. Tax preparation isn't likely to be a business that investors would get that excited about -- but the performance and potential at Block suggests that they should. mark for My Articles 124 similar articles
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