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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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May 9, 2000
Denise Ryan
A tale of two mothers My mother was a chain-smoking, champagne-swilling, braless art mom. My best friend's mother was June Cleaver. They both suffered -- and made difficult choices... mark for My Articles
December 22, 2000
Jeff Taylor
Shooting dad Childhood gunplay left me unarmed and dangerous. mark for My Articles
December 22, 2000
Chris Colin
When we're going to be there The author writes about a future road trip with his hypothetical children: My future kids will appreciate this future trip. Enjoyment of the road will be enforced. This will be nice. mark for My Articles
December 21, 2000
Carol Ormandy
The family that steals together Our Christmas tradition has shades of Hunter S. Thompson... mark for My Articles
December 20, 2000
Kate Trainor
Porn for the holidays Since when does family fun include a sadomasochistic Santa and leggy reindeer? mark for My Articles
December 19, 2000
David Vernon
Being Frosty Jr. My father was the voice of the cartoon snowman, and I melted with humiliation... mark for My Articles
December 15, 2000
Simon Winchester
Romance in Romania After the grim plains of Georgia and Ukraine, a kiss disappears in a Rolls Royce... mark for My Articles
December 13, 2000
Lloyd Fonvielle
Blow up Mingling with famous mice in postures of debasement... mark for My Articles
December 12, 2000
Ruth Shalit
The focus group is bubbling and sparkling! Doing market research in Milan is an exceptional, a very brilliant idea! More grappa! mark for My Articles
December 8, 2000
Sallie Tisdale
On Japanese trains Rail travel highlights the contrast between the private and the communal in the land of the well-mannered mob. An excerpt from the recently released, "'s Wanderlust: Real-Life Tales of Adventure and Romance"... mark for My Articles
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