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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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Real Travel Adventures
April 2010
Tyler Hoch
Traveling With Grandparents: Through the Eyes of a Grandson The author relates how his vacation was made more special by getting to know his grandparents. mark for My Articles
Real Travel Adventures
March 2010
Jeffrey S. Rasley
The Eye of a Whale in Tonga The author relays his experience kayaking and swimming with the whales in the South Pacific. mark for My Articles
High on Adventure
December 1, 2009
Lance K. Pugh
Tico Rips the Carpet A minister's visit is interrupted by an itching dog. mark for My Articles
High on Adventure
October 2009
Les Furnanz
Black Hole David's adventure began when his Dad had handed him a map and a key with his dying wish. He told David of this family property. Then he described its cave with prehistoric art, it's lost opening now covered with scree. mark for My Articles
Popular Mechanics
May 5, 2009
War Journal: One Day at Forward Operating Base Salerno The story of the military response to the crash landing of a Kiowa scout helicopter in Afghanistan. mark for My Articles
High on Adventure
April 1, 2009
Lance K. Pugh
Mind Your Words One travel writer humorously details his transition from typing to using a microphone and voice recognition software. mark for My Articles
Real Travel Adventures
April 2009
Katherine C. Kirkland
My First Trip Into Mexico One woman recounts her harrowing drive into Mexico. mark for My Articles
Real Travel Adventures
March 2009
Pria Ingram
Taking My Family Home A woman revisits her Indian roots with her American family. mark for My Articles
Job Journal
February 8, 2009
Robert Wilson
The Uncomfort Zone: What's Pushing Your Buttons? It is only when we are uncomfortable that we begin to get motivated. What motivated Jeanne Louise Calment to live to be 122 years old? mark for My Articles
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