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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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January 23, 2002
Kathryn Gordon
Incest and Sept. 11 For me, one tragedy exploded another... mark for My Articles
January 22, 2002
Clara Stein
Any day now Pen will kiss paper and I will no longer be a wife... mark for My Articles
January 18, 2002
Will rocking the boat rock her world? Today's lesson: The intoxication of a new affair inevitably melts away. This is the transformation, not the tragedy, of love. mark for My Articles
January 17, 2002
Auden Schendler
Ghouls, saints, weirdos and patriots For volunteer medics in a rural ambulance service, it's a bloody, crumpled path toward getting human... mark for My Articles
January 15, 2002
Sarah Hartmann
It takes one to know one A mother who has lost a child is an ally in the hellish war against all-consuming grief... mark for My Articles
January 14, 2002
Douglas Lang
Playing dead I enjoyed years and years of violence and killing, but I was totally unprepared for death... mark for My Articles
January 8, 2002
Stephen J. Lyons
Nonfat love in a big-box store The wife and I take separate carts in the land of bulk peppermint patties... mark for My Articles
January 7, 2002
Theresa Pinto Sherer
A lost soul After her strokes, my grandmother is still here. But what is left is base behavior and compulsion, unleavened by charity, kindness or faith... mark for My Articles
December 18, 2001
Chris Colin
Cooking for fun and staggering profits The apogee of my culinary career came early, and ended with a dog instead of a swimming pool full of Coke... mark for My Articles
December 5, 2001
Katia Spiegelman Lief
How to wash a gas mask Where is the normality in our New Normality, and is it OK to get water on these things? mark for My Articles
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