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Short stories (fiction and non-fiction) published in magazines.
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August 28, 2000
Carolyn Magner
Bosom buddies I wanted a new pair of boobs. But how would I tell my daughters that their Barbie-bashing mom wants to look just like her? mark for My Articles
August 25, 2000
Elliott Neal Hester
How my ass ended up in a sling While fantasizing about a Salma Hayek wannabe, I accidentally broke the plane. mark for My Articles
August 21, 2000
Kerry Madden
Death and the days of our lives Writing a soap opera and waiting for my grandmother to die, I didn't know who would finish first -- she or I. mark for My Articles
August 18, 2000
Susan Parker
Optimism and underwear I wish I could bottle the magic in a pair of Tweety Bird underpants. mark for My Articles
August 2000
John Pelligrino
Heard the One About the Rocket Car? I don't have much interest in urban legends. I only pay attention to the rocket car story because I'm 99 percent sure I started the whole thing. mark for My Articles
July 16, 1999
Rachel Louise Snyder
My lunch with Ira Glass My lunch with Ira Glass: "This American Life" has become a public radio sensation. And that's amazing because the host is basically just protein. mark for My Articles
June 28, 2000
Deborah Friedell
Summer of infestation At camp that year, all I wanted was to be loved. Instead, I learned the meaning of humiliation. mark for My Articles
June 13, 2000
J.B. Orenstein
Mosh-pit mania The sweat. The music. The boobs. mark for My Articles
October 20, 1999
Don George
Once upon a time in Greece A tale of ruins and revelers and Aegean nights -- and the way things fit together in time and space. mark for My Articles
Fast Company
May 2000
Anna Muoio
Speed Writer Introducing the 60-second novelist, and his book The 60-Second Novelist: What 22,613 People Taught Me About Life. mark for My Articles
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