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Magazine articles on rock, pop, and heavy metal music and musicians.
Old Articles: <Older 211-220 Newer> Papa Roach: Getting Away With Murder An interview with Jacoby Shaddix, from rock and roll group "Papa Roach," to discuss the new album and the importance of voting. mark for My Articles 152 similar articles
September 14, 2004
Dave Mustaine, Back in Business After more than 20 years with Megadeth, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Dave Mustaine, along with some of the band's former members, returned to the studio to record The System Has Failed. mark for My Articles 32 similar articles
July 2004
Adrienne Day
Get Your MoveOn Groove On John Flansburgh, half of the quirky avant-pop They Might Be Giants, is fed up with the status quo and aims to shake things up. mark for My Articles 13 similar articles
March 2004
Ted Greenwald
The Reinvention of Neil Young, Part 6 The folk-country-grunge dinosaur is reborn (again) as an Internet-friendly, biodiesel-driven, multimedia machine. mark for My Articles 2 similar articles
February 25, 2004
Matt Rosenberg
Love or Confusion? A concert review of Jimi Hendrix. mark for My Articles 52 similar articles Tears For Fears They hit the music scene hard in the '80s with hits like "Shout," "Everybody Wants To Rule The World," and "Head Over Heels." Now the duo has reunited after a 12-year breakup, and their latest album Everybody Loves A Happy Ending is making its mark around the world. mark for My Articles 57 similar articles
February 2004
Brandon Turner
Only Rock 'n' Roll? Radio killed the Soviet star: Hungarian ambassador Andras Simonyi, who in November spoke at Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, believes at least some credit for the fall of communism is due to the influence of bloc-rocking beats. mark for My Articles 52 similar articles
February 2004
Matt Welch
Alt Business: Mags for adult rockers On November 18 a music publishing subculture that had been quietly thriving far from the bright glare of Manhattan suddenly found itself thrust into the limelight. Tracks, a New York-based "music magazine for adults," made its ballyhooed debut. Its focus? "Roots" rock, Americana and alt-country. mark for My Articles 2 similar articles
February 2004
Bill Werde
Nintendo Rocks! Meet the Minibosses, a game-geek cover band trying to take it to the next level. mark for My Articles 17 similar articles
December 30, 2003
Interview: Joe Cocker With 19 albums under his belt, an unforgettable performance at both Woodstocks, and a voice that is recognizable the world over, Joe Cocker is one of the greatest singers of his time. mark for My Articles 124 similar articles
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