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Magazine articles on other types of music.
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Bio-IT World
April 15, 2003
Amanda Wren
Get into the Groove Scientists strike a chord with music based on the building blocks of DNA. mark for My Articles 221 similar articles
February 5, 2003
Matthew Simpson
Top 10: Classic Crooners You come home after a hard day of work. You need to unwind, relax, and listen to some cool music, not the kind of decadent noise that kids listen to nowadays. mark for My Articles 152 similar articles
November 15, 2002
Charles Taylor
"Standing in the Shadows of Motown" A generous documentary spotlights the anonymous hitmakers behind Marvin Gaye and the Supremes but fails to brighten Berry Gordy's dark corners. mark for My Articles 10 similar articles
IDB America
July 2002
Claudia Neira
An impresario of traditional music Two things were always clear to him: that music would be his future and that he wanted to live in Belize. But to combine these two ambitions, Ivan Duran had to achieve one more thing, which was to create his own record label. mark for My Articles 5 similar articles
July 8, 2002
Charles Taylor
"Songs for Swingin' Lovers" Beyond the magnificent late-night gloom (and the bombast of "My Way") you'll find Frank Sinatra's finger-poppin' classic, a joyous exploration of rhythmic invention. mark for My Articles 23 similar articles
March 18, 2002
Katharine Mieszkowski
Hot salsa Tetris Video-game music remixers turn bleeps and bloops into everything from Swedish death metal to hillbilly pickin'... mark for My Articles 3 similar articles
January 29, 2002
Michelle Goldberg
After the gold dust The dot-coms went bust, but the Chemical Brothers are still office-partying like it's 1999... mark for My Articles 33 similar articles
Sports Illustrated
January 7, 2002
Gary Van Sickle
Reviews of a different sort Golf and music go together like health clubs and bacon burgers, cowboys and space aliens, Bobby Knight and mimes. I bring this up only because a pair of golf music CDs fell into my hands last year... mark for My Articles 268 similar articles
January 2002
Jacob Sullum
Sex, Drugs, and Techno Music Why the rap against Ecstasy has a familiar ring to it mark for My Articles 33 similar articles
November 2001
Brian Doherty
The Free-Floating Bob Dylan What makes Dylan worth thinking about is that he has been -- and remains -- unprecedentedly great at what he does: writing songs and performing them. Two recent books try to get a handle on Dylan... mark for My Articles 44 similar articles
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