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Magazine articles on trends in the music industry, general music, and instruments.
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June 12, 2000
Greil Marcus
Real Life Rock Top 10 Young Marble Giants; Sam Phillips; Sonya Hunter; Tarbox Ramblers; David Johansen; Bob Dylan; the Rolling Stones; The Haggard; Dusty mark for My Articles 53 similar articles
June 12, 2000
Amy Reiter
Sinead, shut up and sing! O'Connor says she's a lesbian, world says, "So what"; Angelina and her bro, the story that won't die; Eminem, please call Charlton Heston. Plus: Glorioski! Celine Dion is preggers! mark for My Articles 8 similar articles
June 7, 2000
Seth Mnookin
What is jazz? Sponsored by the Knitting Factory, Ornette Coleman, Sonic Youth, Stereolab, Cecil Taylor and others look beyond bop. mark for My Articles 54 similar articles
June 6, 2000
Michael Ullman
Sharps & Flats Saxophonist Joe Lovano delivers a loving tribute to 52nd Street, "the street that never slept." mark for My Articles 1 similar article
June 5, 2000
Eric Boehlert
All over the MAP Why record execs are furious at the FTC and the press. mark for My Articles 155 similar articles
May 30, 2000
Eric Boehlert
The death of music retail as we know it? Confronted by an apocalyptic mix of blank CDs and Napster, the record shop faces extinction -- in 12 months. mark for My Articles 95 similar articles
May 26, 2000
Eric Boehlert
The record industry scores a record-setting week. Britney Spears storms the charts with a massive No. 1 album, but will nasty rapper Eminem cut her down to size? mark for My Articles 115 similar articles
May 30, 2000
Damien Cave
Napster at law Attorney-turned-interim CEO Hank Barry promises to make money, not war, for the beleaguered music-swapping service. mark for My Articles 318 similar articles
May 15, 2000
Chuck D
Music to the People ...In the music business, as in so many others, technology is eliminating the traditional gatekeepers between those who create and those who consume... mark for My Articles 148 similar articles
May 1, 2000
Anne Marie Borrego
Upstarts: MP3 Tunes on the Web. The way we listen to music is about to change. Again. But as usual, where there's change, there's start-up opportunity. mark for My Articles 206 similar articles
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