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Magazine articles on country music and musicians.
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Aug/Sep 2009
Damon W. Root
Briefly Noted: A Country Singer Can Evolve Hank Williams Jr. moves from songs about sex, drugs, booze, and football to patriotic songs celebrating the strength of America. mark for My Articles similar articles Style Icon: Johnny Cash He is a style icon because he knew who he was and he dared to share that sense of himself with the rest of us. mark for My Articles similar articles
Ross Bonander
5 Things You Didn't Know: Johnny Cash Johnny Cash is an old-school American, but his worldwide fame and appeal is defined by another trait -- a constant state of earthly remorse and supernatural repentance. mark for My Articles similar articles
February 2004
Matt Welch
Alt Business: Mags for adult rockers On November 18 a music publishing subculture that had been quietly thriving far from the bright glare of Manhattan suddenly found itself thrust into the limelight. Tracks, a New York-based "music magazine for adults," made its ballyhooed debut. Its focus? "Roots" rock, Americana and alt-country. mark for My Articles similar articles
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