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Magazine articles on puzzles, brain teasers, and quizzes.
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Fast Company
Drake Baer
How BuzzFeed Made The Online Quiz Irresistible We've named BuzzFeed as a Most Innovative Company for the way they understand the way we share. As CEO Jonah Peretti has said, if a piece of content gets going on social networks, it has a chance at getting 34 times the traffic than if it's just on the homepage. mark for My Articles
Fast Company
March 2014
Pop Quiz: Which City Looks the ______-est? Think you know your desinations? Match 'em up! mark for My Articles
Registered Rep.
February 4, 2014
John Kador
The Puzzler #40: Ten Cities This list of 10 U.S. cities share a common characteristic. What is it? mark for My Articles
Registered Rep.
December 3, 2013
The Puzzler #39 This month's contest is called Guess the Sequence and we offer Brain Teaser #2 or Missing Time along with a solution to the previous puzzler. mark for My Articles
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May 31, 2013
John Kador
The Puzzler #36 Think you're smart? Try these brainteasers that recruiters use in actual job interviews. mark for My Articles
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April 2, 2013
John Kador
The Puzzler #35 This Month's Contest: WORDS IN COMMON and the solution to the previous puzzler called "Business Mileage" mark for My Articles
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August 30, 2012
John Kador
The Puzzler #32 We offer a Water Puzzle, this month's contest for advisors called "On Account" and the solution to Elevator Man, a previous puzzle. mark for My Articles
September 2010
Frequent Flyer Particulars Trivia question for frequent flyers. mark for My Articles
IEEE Spectrum
April 2010
Clive Feather
A Garden of Mathematical Delights Martin Gardner's Mathematical Games columns collected in book form, "Sphere Packing, Lewis Carroll, and Reversi" mark for My Articles
T.H.E. Journal
December 10, 2009
Scott Aronowitz
ProProfs Launches Free Game Site Aimed at Mental Stimulation The site has a variety of free, ad-supported educational tools and resources such as puzzles, word games, logic, trivia, and memory games. mark for My Articles
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