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Magazine articles on classic and rare car collecting, history, and restoration.
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Popular Mechanics
January 2009
Jay Leno
Making Jay Leno's Duesenberg Classic Car Road Ready Duesenbergs are considered one of the "old masters" of the classic automotive world. That encourages guys like Jim Schneck to tool up and make cylinder heads. Now you have a car you can actually drive, not a piece of static art on display. mark for My Articles 20 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
December 22, 2008
Ezra Dyer
Top 10 Used Exotic Cars: Get that Aston Martin for the Price of a Honda 2003 Mercedes SL500... 2001 Porsche 911... 2001 Audi S8... 2003 Range Rover... 2005 Maserati Quattroporte... 2002 BMW 745i... 2004 Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG... 2005 Lotus Elise... 1997 Aston Martin DB7... 1990 Bentley Turbo R... mark for My Articles 118 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
December 2008
Phil Patton
Rat Rod Revolution: Is Rust the new Red on Hot Rods? Call them retro rods or rust rods or rat rods. At venues like the Kustom Kills & Hot Rod Thrills car show rainbow-hued Mexican blankets cover old upholstery, gearshift knobs end in black eight balls or scorpions frozen in clear acrylic, and motors are exposed, painted, and capped with old tin cans. mark for My Articles 9 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
October 31, 2008
Jay Leno: Why SSC Ultimate Aero is All American Supercar I've just driven a supercar. It's an impressive new American sports car, called the SSC Ultimate Aero. mark for My Articles 58 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
October 31, 2008
Ray Wert
GM Chrysler Merger Mashup: Debating the Automotive Lineups, Who Stays, Who Goes? Probably the biggest question most enthusiasts have is what will happen to the merged automakers' halo supercars? mark for My Articles 159 similar articles
November 2008
Shivani Vora
Passions: Derek LaFavor, Selling Source Derek LaFavor, founder of Selling Source, describes his passion for fast automobiles. mark for My Articles 22 similar articles
Fast Company
November 2008
Tim McKeough
BMW Gina: Shape-Shifting Car BMW's latest prototype has a flexible textile skin that permits shape-changing features powered by hydraulic and electric controls. mark for My Articles 2 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
October 3, 2008
Basem Wasef
Top 10 Exotic and Luxury Cars From the 2008 Paris Motor Show Audi RS6... 2009 Ferrari California... Lamborghini Estoque Concept... 2010 Lexus IS250 Convertible... Mercedes-Benz ConceptFASCINATION... Venturi Volage Concept... Saab 9X Air... Maserati Granturismo MC Concept... Aston Martin One-77... mark for My Articles 91 similar articles
October 2008
Patrick J. Sauer
Drives: Yep, That's My Engine. Nice Lighting, Huh? With its sumptuous interior, exotic looks, and tight handling, the Audi R8 is tough to beat. mark for My Articles 21 similar articles
September 22, 2008
Joe Brown
What's a Supercar? It Does 200 MPH, Corners Like Cling Wrap, Attracts the Law. Four cars with speed in the neighborhood of 200 mph, cornering like the light cycles in Tron, and the ability to attract a parade of local law enforcement. mark for My Articles 110 similar articles
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