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Magazine articles on training and certification programs.
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Job Journal
August 7, 2011
Adults Returning to School Find Different Challenges the Second Time Around Countless adults are returning to the classroom, and whether they're completing a degree, changing fields, or simply trying to remain competitive in a knowledge-based economy, heading back to school can mean a lot of adjustment and some new experiences. mark for My Articles 144 similar articles
The Motley Fool
August 5, 2011
Rick Aristotle Munarriz
They're Still Hiring in China China's 51job comes through with another strong quarter. mark for My Articles 16 similar articles
Chemistry World
August 2011
Good internships attract the brightest and best Gordon Mizner argues that fair and well-structured internships are vital to attracting the best students into chemical careers mark for My Articles 132 similar articles
Job Journal
July 24, 2011
Peter Weddle
What's the Freshness Date on Your Career Training? As the pace of technological change continues to accelerate, the value of your training and education is directly affected by how recently you completed the coursework. Continuing education is a must to avoid being seen as outdated or unemployable. mark for My Articles 63 similar articles
July 20, 2011
Jamie Flinchbaugh
How to Train Without Training When training dollars are scarce, there are still good ways to develop your workforce. Try these three strategies. mark for My Articles 46 similar articles
July 20, 2011
Will There be a Market for Manual Labor? The reason for my lack of confidence that the future will follow the trend of the past is that I sense that jobs of the future will require ever higher levels of intelligence and/or training. mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
July 2011
Susan J. Ellis
Needed: A Multi-level Approach to Credentialing Volunteer Management Volunteer management has been an "emerging profession" ever since I've been in the field -- which is now 40 years. mark for My Articles 212 similar articles
HBS Working Knowledge
June 8, 2011
Julia Hanna
Twenty-first Century Skill: Trading Carbon Credits As cap and trade becomes an increasingly popular mechanism for governments to cut corporate pollution, students use a simulation to learn how it works. mark for My Articles 131 similar articles
June 1, 2011
David McCann
Measured Response Despite fervent debate about whether companies should measure the ROI of their training-and-development programs, most proceed (or not) on gut instinct. mark for My Articles 50 similar articles
Information Today
May 26, 2011
Corporate Employee Training Center Now Available From EBSCO EBSCO and Business & Legal Resources have signed an agreement enabling corporations and government agencies to subscribe to BLR's Employee Training Center through EBSCO. mark for My Articles 90 similar articles
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