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Magazine articles on training and certification programs.
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February 15, 2006
Randy Myers
What's Wrong with Finance Training Can training help turn a promising but unpolished finance manager into a company's next CFO? Maybe, but it's not easy. mark for My Articles 77 similar articles
February 1, 2006
Secret of My Success: Getting Call Center Ducks in a Row A large insurance provider turns to a state government and a local college to train agents before they come to the call center. mark for My Articles 23 similar articles
Pharmaceutical Executive
February 1, 2006
Joe DeBelle
Medical Education: What Physicians Want e-CME providers must step up their game to keep doctors engaged. mark for My Articles 101 similar articles
Fast Company
December 2005
Danielle Sacks
Making Smarter Marketers A new advertising master's program isn't for agency types. It hopes to produce more creative clients. mark for My Articles 55 similar articles
January 2006
Geoff Williams
Behind the Arches The author takes a sneak peek into the training grounds of McDonald's franchisees: Hamburger University. mark for My Articles 192 similar articles
December 15, 2005
David Needle
IPod as Business Training Tool? Video training company plans to market course-ware to iPod customers. mark for My Articles 446 similar articles
December 2005
Laurel Delaney
Safer Passage For entrepreneurs, C-TPAT certification means safer trade, faster clearance and emphasis on self-policing. mark for My Articles 10 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
October 2005
Melissa LeBoeuf Tothero
University of Texas at Austin Explores LIFE The innovative laptop initiative engages the College of Education's pre-service teachers in a technology-rich learning environment that helps them prepare their students for a future in our high-tech world. mark for My Articles 1412 similar articles
T.H.E. Journal
October 2005
Inspiration Software is Currently Accepting Applications for Its 2006 Inspired Teacher Scholarships Inspiration Software will award 30 scholarships, each with a $750 value, which can be used to support professional development activities for educators who champion the integration of visual learning and technology in their curriculum. mark for My Articles 89 similar articles
Pharmaceutical Executive
October 1, 2005
Jan Fitzpatrick
Public Relations: Desperately Seeking Value Regulatory angst cools growth in budgets for continuing medical education (CME). The future challenge for CME will be to find that common ground where the interests of academic medicine, medical societies, and practicing physicians intersect. mark for My Articles 59 similar articles
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