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Magazine articles on college and university education, administration, programs, and trends.
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Chemistry World
October 17, 2006
Ned Stafford
Chemistry Takes Back Seat Among German Elite First-round funding has been announced in a science funding scheme to create a German elite, or ivy league, of universities. Chemistry-related programs account for only a small slice of the funding pie. mark for My Articles 261 similar articles
The Motley Fool
October 17, 2006
Mary Dalrymple
Lake Wobegon College Many financial aid administrators say parents have a false sense of security that their child's chosen college will help them pay the costs of their child's education. mark for My Articles 163 similar articles
Chemistry World
October 2006
Katherine Sanderson
Careers: Climbing the Academic Ladder The UK National Research Staff Association hopes to smooth the academic path for postdocs. mark for My Articles 60 similar articles
October 2006
Margaret Anne Baker
Congress Weighs in on Geoscience Training Something must occur to help bridge this gap between potential geoscientific employees' interests and training, and actual job openings. Recent legislation would provide federal funds from outer continental shelf revenues to support these types of activities. mark for My Articles 53 similar articles
October 2006
Nichole L. Torres
Get Schooled An annual ranking of entrepreneurship programs shows you which schools get students into the entrepreneurial spirit. mark for My Articles 314 similar articles
The Motley Fool
September 25, 2006
Rich Smith
Don't Flunk Your Retirement Will putting your kid through college put you in the poorhouse? Spend a little time poring over the resumes of America's most powerful CEOs, and you'll be struck by how very few of them graduated from elite schools. mark for My Articles 155 similar articles
Bio-IT World
September 2006
John Otrompke
Bioinformatics Is Going Back to School A spate of government-funded initiatives are helping to develop innovative bioinformatics curricula, providing more up-to-date and integrated training needed by industry, and preparing incumbent workers to meet the needs of the developing industry. mark for My Articles 79 similar articles
September 2006
Patrick Cliff
The New Film Studies? Forensic Accounting Forensic accounting, the dismal science of digging through old financials in search of wrongdoing, is one of the fastest-growing areas of study at the nation's colleges and business schools. mark for My Articles 92 similar articles
Popular Mechanics
September 2006
Alex Hutchinson
Inventing the Future The next 20 years of American innovation will be shaped by 10 cutting-edge science and engineering programs. But before they change the world, these undergraduates will have to finish their homework. mark for My Articles 69 similar articles
Science News
September 16, 2006
Science Safari: Sustainable Design Competition The U.S. EPA is offering college professors and their students an opportunity to turn ideas into reality through its P3 (People, Prosperity and the Planet) grants competition. EPA's P3 is a student design competition for sustainability that is now in its third year. mark for My Articles 93 similar articles
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