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Magazine articles on college and university education, administration, programs, and trends.
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June 9, 2006
Tim Scannell
Banned in Boston: Laptops at Harvard Most students and faculty are against an all-out ban, but movements are afoot to control and limit laptops and wireless access among Harvard's legal eagles. mark for My Articles 246 similar articles
June 19, 2006
Anne Tergesen
What Price College Admission? Parents are spending tens of thousands on advisers to shape their kids' game plans. mark for My Articles 186 similar articles
Chemistry World
June 7, 2006
Katharine Sanderson
Whooping and Dancing for Chemistry Godfather Paul O'Brien, head of chemistry at the University of Manchester, UK, has been awarded the first honorary DSc degree from the University of Zululand, South Africa. mark for My Articles 112 similar articles
June 2006
Shikha Dalmia
Where Did India's Skilled Labor Come From? In India, the I.T. industry is now working ever more closely with private colleges to develop new programs, something that will ensure jobs for their graduates and reduce the training expenditures of companies. mark for My Articles 195 similar articles
IEEE Spectrum
June 2006
Tekla S. Perry
Wizard of Watts James D. Meindl, professor of microelectronics at the Georgia Institute of Technology, caught the low-power semiconductor wave when it was barely a ripple and brought generations of graduate students along for an exciting ride. mark for My Articles 1 similar article
May 29, 2006
Andy Patrizio
IBM Lends a Software and Services Hand IBM helps the overlooked Appalachian region stay competitive in IT education by partnering with the Appalachian College Association. mark for My Articles 250 similar articles
May 26, 2006
Clint Boulton
Sacred Heart Data Hacked Sacred Heart University became the latest school to fall victim to a computer hack, which exposed the personal information of as many as 135,000 students and alumni. mark for My Articles 212 similar articles
The Motley Fool
May 25, 2006
Seth Jayson
Lay's Missouri Legacy Ken Lay attempts to take back his University of Missouri donation, but maybe the school can put it to better use. Ethical behavior among managers at all levels is a key to keeping that faith. Enron is a perfect example of the risks of the dark side. Don't hide from that, MU. Embrace it. mark for My Articles 89 similar articles
June 2006
Timothy Sprinkle
Come Together Universities have long been centers of innovation. Now, many are partnering with entrepreneurs to commercialize their ideas. mark for My Articles 59 similar articles
Commercial Investment Real Estate
May/Jun 2006
Jennifer Norbut
Class Act A Certified Commercial Investment Member educates University students on commercial real estate career opportunities. mark for My Articles 90 similar articles
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