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Magazine articles on desktop computers and terminals.
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November 29, 2004
Diane Brady
Mickeyfying The PC With Disney's Dream Desk, the droll touches are pricey. mark for My Articles 296 similar articles
November 18, 2004
Michael Singer
Gateway Opts for Custom Jobs The computer maker gives buyers plenty of options when ordering new media center PCs. mark for My Articles 969 similar articles
PC Magazine
November 30, 2004
Michael J. Miller
Your Next PC As the holidays approach, I'm starting to get questions about purchasing a new PC. We review the new holiday machines in this issue, but before you shop, you may want to do some planning. mark for My Articles 832 similar articles
PC Magazine
November 10, 2004
Laarni Almendrala Ragaza
Choose Your Next PC With the myriad desktop and notebook PCs arriving on the market, somewhere is a system with your name on it. We're here to help you find it. mark for My Articles 788 similar articles
PC Magazine
October 26, 2004
Joel Santo Domingo
Disney Dream Desk PC by Medion A prime example of a niche player, the Disney Dream PC is a perfect family PC for the (really) young children or the Disneyphile, but it offers little to the consumer on a budget or to more mainstream users. mark for My Articles 176 similar articles
PC World
December 2004
Top 15 Desktop PCs Systems from Compaq and Micro Express debut on the power side of the chart, and Alienware introduces a budget PC. mark for My Articles 589 similar articles
PC World
December 2004
Rebecca Freed
Apple's Slim New IMac G5 Apple's new IMac G5 is all about the screen. The entire computer is built into the white monitor, which is only about 2 inches thick. It's a monument to modern design. mark for My Articles 318 similar articles
PC World
December 2004
Kimberly Brinson
Shopping Checklist Learn how to shop for the perfect PC. mark for My Articles 1031 similar articles
Home Theater
November 2004
Chris Chiarella
Alienware DHS-321 PC A well-built, cleverly designed, and powerful PC that offers all of the options that both home theater and computing buffs would expect, although some rough edges might not yet make this pricey box an ideal fit for the living room. mark for My Articles 472 similar articles
PC Magazine
October 12, 2004
Bill Howard
The Home PC, Perfected With its brand new Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 operating system, Microsoft may have unleashed the perfect OS for a home PC. In a typical Media Center box, you get a capable TV tuner, an FM radio tuner, DVR, DVD, CD, etc. mark for My Articles 317 similar articles
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