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Magazine articles on mixed topics in electronics, letters, and news briefs.
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PC World
January 24, 2007
Kirk Steers
Useful Upgrades That Will Outlast Your Aging PC Peripherals to buy to make your old computer act like a new one... Setting up simultaneous audio channels... a USB/FireWire hub that offers plenty of ports... mark for My Articles 269 similar articles
PC World
January 24, 2007
Lincoln Spector
What Is the Best Way to Unstick My Frozen PC? Get your computer going again... Synchronize Outlook data between two PCs... Copy Excel formulas exactly as they are... mark for My Articles 244 similar articles
PC World
January 23, 2007
Scott Dunn
Sync PC Tunes With Windows Mobile Devices Use Windows Media Player to sync with any mobile device... Fix defrag problems... A utility to track billable hours... mark for My Articles 123 similar articles
PC World
January 22, 2007
Letters to PC World, March 2007 Readers question the value of a Windows Vista upgrade... Say no to cell-phone telemarketing... Vista's antipiracy efforts... mark for My Articles 287 similar articles
PC Magazine
January 30, 2007
Domingo et al.
HP TouchSmart IQ770 PC HP is calling its new TouchSmart IQ770 PC a "perfect kitchen PC". While it is that, it also will fit well in the den, bedroom, or anywhere you use a shared computer... Apple iMac... Canon Pixma MP600 & 960 photo printer... mark for My Articles 532 similar articles
PC Magazine
January 29, 2007
Gideon et al.
Chestnut Hill Sound George Minor design flaws keep this otherwise fantastic iPod dock from earning a perfect score. Is it worth the steep price? Yes.... Nintendo Wii... NEC 42XR4 Plasma TV... TiVo Series 3... mark for My Articles 284 similar articles
Commercial Investment Real Estate
Jan/Feb 2007
Buyers Guide A Better Handheld: The Palm Tungsten E2 PDA from palmOne... Protect Your Computer: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0 software... Charge Everything: iGo everywhere15 Universal Power Adapter... etc. mark for My Articles 182 similar articles
February 2007
Chat YouTube's weakness? Image quality... Lonelygirl15... Scalping woes... Murder on MySpace... Uwe Boll strikes again... Switch to metric units... Warranties are a matter of price... Computer language translators... mark for My Articles 1 similar article
PC Magazine
January 10, 2007
Wired, Don't Quit Your Day Job A few products that differed in reviews between Wired magazine and this one. mark for My Articles 111 similar articles
PC Magazine
January 10, 2007
Don't Believe the Hype The most overrated tech products of all time: Microsoft Windows... CueCat... Lotus 1-2-3... AOL... Apple iPod shuffle... Microsoft's Bob... Google Video... Bose QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones... etc. mark for My Articles 209 similar articles
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