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Magazine articles on utilities, oil, gas, and other energy sources.
Current Utilities & Energy Articles
Chemistry World
January 7, 2016
Rebecca Trager
Shale feeds US methanol boom A surge in new US methanol production capacity is anticipated over the next few years, driven by readily available shale-derived feedstock. mark for My Articles similar articles
Chemistry World
January 6, 2016
Matthew Gunther
Lights out for UK's oldest nuclear power plant Based on the coastal island of Anglesey, the Wylfa Magnox nuclear reactor was built in 1971 and is the last in a fleet of gas-cooled reactors. mark for My Articles similar articles
Fast Company
Michael Grothaus
For First Time, Cyber Attack Causes Widespread Electricity Blackout The first known cyber attack to cause widespread public blackouts has occurred in Ukraine, it is believed. mark for My Articles similar articles
Fast Company
Daniel Terdiman
AP Report: U.S. Power Grid Subject To Repeated Foreign Hacks The U.S. power grid is subject to being hacked from abroad, and foreign hackers have gained remote access to American power operations about a dozen times over the last decade. mark for My Articles similar articles
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