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Magazine articles on restaurants, food service, hotels, casinos and amusement parks.
Current Restaurant & Hospitality Articles
Fast Company
Pavithra Mohan
All Chipotle Locations Will Close For A Food Safety Meeting On February 8 After months of food poisoning reports and falling sales, Chipotle will hold a company-wide food safety meeting next month. mark for My Articles similar articles
Fast Company
February 2016
Max Chafkin
Can Airbnb Unite The World? Airbnb, which offers travelers an experience that is more unique and localized has benefited from the shift in consumer preferences to smaller, more localized ideas and products. mark for My Articles similar articles
January 2016
Oren Smilansky
Xanterra Has Monumental Marketing Success With RedPoint Global The vacation and landmark resort management firm sharpens email campaigns with the data management and marketing tool mark for My Articles similar articles
Fast Company
Pavithra Mohan
Airbnb Hosts Discriminate Against Black Renters, Study Finds A new study from Harvard Business School finds that Airbnb hosts are more likely to book reservations with users who have "distinctly white" names, according to Bloomberg. mark for My Articles similar articles
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