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Magazine articles on health care providers, pharmaceutical companies, and medical technology.
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Pharmaceutical Executive
November 1, 2013
Country Report: Taiwan The past three years have been some of the most eventful in memory for Taiwan's life sciences industry. At this year's Bio Taiwan exhibition, the excitement was palpable. mark for My Articles 63 similar articles
Pharmaceutical Executive
November 1, 2013
Ben Comer
Top Medical Innovations for 2014 At the conclusion of the Cleveland Clinic's Medical Innovations Summit each year, 10 innovative technologies are unveiled before the audience, and designated as new and revolutionary tools for the treatment of disease and disability. mark for My Articles 71 similar articles
Pharmaceutical Executive
November 1, 2013
Jill Wechsler
Transparency Troubles for Pharma High prices, murky financial relations, and a reluctance to disclose clinical data undermine public trust in industry and the research enterprise. mark for My Articles 695 similar articles
Pharmaceutical Executive
November 1, 2013
William Looney
Payers: Late for the Party? Pharm Exec's two key features this month illustrate the strategic contradiction facing today's industry. mark for My Articles 320 similar articles
Information Today
November 7, 2013
InfoDesk Delivers Regulatory Monitoring Service Pharmaceutical companies collaborated with InfoDesk to develop Regulatory InfoMonitor, which is a regulatory affairs version of InfoMonitor, its newsletter service designed primarily for pharmaceutical clients. mark for My Articles 19 similar articles
Chemistry World
November 6, 2013
Laura Howes
Novartis to shut Horsham site Last year, the firm slammed the UK for the high cost of conducting clinical trials in the country, warning that business would leave unless more incentives were introduced to encourage firms to carry out R&D. mark for My Articles 200 similar articles
Chemistry World
October 30, 2013
Phillip Broadwith
Vertex to cut 370 jobs US biopharmaceutical firm Vertex is cutting 370 jobs as it faces a drop in demand for its hepatitis C drug Incivek (telaprevir). mark for My Articles 143 similar articles
Chemistry World
October 29, 2013
Patrick Walter
GSK forms Brazilian sustainable chemistry venture GlaxoSmithKline has partnered with a Brazilian research organization to create a center to tackle the environmental impact of discovering and making drugs. mark for My Articles 73 similar articles
Chemistry World
October 25, 2013
Emily James
AstraZeneca to close environmental lab and cut 71 jobs The 71 employees at the Brixham Environmental Laboratory in Devon, UK. will lose their jobs in March 2014, as the laboratory's environmental operations are not a core part of the company's strategy to develop innovative new medicines. mark for My Articles 119 similar articles
August 27, 2013
Brian Eastwood
Healthcare IT Struggles to Keep Up With Mobile Health Demands While healthcare struggles with unique legal and regulatory impediments that other fields don't face, it's also poised to gain much more from what some call a 'mobile revolution.' mark for My Articles 222 similar articles
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