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Magazine articles on style, design, engineering, and architecture.
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November 29, 2004
Rocks & Ihlwan
Samsung Design The Korean electronics giant makes some of the coolest gadgets on earth. Now it's reinventing itself to get even cooler. In the past four years, the company has doubled its design staff, to 470, adding 120 of those just in the past 12 months. mark for My Articles 141 similar articles
December 1, 2004
John Teresko
Technologies Of The Year -- Proficiency Inc.'s Collaboration Gateway Version 3.5 of Proficiency Inc.'s solution, Collaboration Gateway, attacks the collaboration challenge of data exchange among CAD systems. mark for My Articles 48 similar articles
November 2004
Brian Lam
Don't Hate Me Because I'm Digital Last January, Cerami announced his digital beauty pageant, and now the finest 3-D artists in the world are sending him glamour shots of hi-res divas that make Lara Croft look like Ms. Pac-Man. mark for My Articles
November 2004
Jessie Scanlon
Frank Gehry for the Rest of Us Architect Frank Gehry pioneered the use of digital fabrication in the 1990s. SHoP adopts some of Gehry's techniques, but to a different end: lowering costs. The company's process begins with 3-D modeling software and ends with construction workers assembling the laser-cut pieces into a finished structure. mark for My Articles 58 similar articles
Home Theater
October 25, 2004
Darryl Wilkinson
Home Theater Masseuse Family Inada just might have created the ultimate chair -- one that synchronizes shiatsu massage with your home theater sources. mark for My Articles 4 similar articles
Fast Company
October 2004
Fiona Haley
Mutual Benefit Let employees design their own headquarters? Here's how a biotech company nurtures people with imaginative benefits, keeping them happy, loyal -- and productive. mark for My Articles 1 similar article
The Motley Fool
September 20, 2004
Dave Marino-Nachison
Bic Conquers Kryptonite A surprising design flaw causes the bike lock company to issue replacement locks for its well-regarded U-lock. mark for My Articles 25 similar articles
September 2004
Greg Miller
Microspot Interiors 3.4 This 3-D interior-design application provides a quick way of rendering layouts, allowing professionals and home owners to see their designs before they start painting or moving furniture around. mark for My Articles 21 similar articles
The Motley Fool
August 31, 2004
Steven Mallas
Can Tommy Cut It? Tommy Hilfiger is the latest exec to get a reality show. Will it help company sales? mark for My Articles 48 similar articles
Home Theater
August 30, 2004
Darryl Wilkinson
Hide-Away-Home-Theater Exposed Ginni Designs shows how to get maximum home theater in minimum space. mark for My Articles 91 similar articles
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