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Magazine articles on venture capital, private funding, incubators and the IPO process.
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Fast Company
David Lumb
Roadie App Wants To Help Shlep Your Stuff Faster Than UPS Users can get a certified Roadie to haul anything from a thumb drive to a grand piano (anything that will fit in a car) for a unilateral base fee plus mileage. mark for My Articles 1 similar article
Fast Company
Lydia Dishman
One Woman's Unorthodox Journey To Building A $100 Million Tech Startup Joanna Weidenmiller believes the resume no longer works for either the applicant or the recruiter. A one-page proposal would allow the job seeker to pitch the potential manager and not be judged on age, experience, or gender. mark for My Articles 5 similar articles
Fast Company
Max Chafkin
The difference between a joke and a billion dollar company isn't as big as you'd think Startup stories are often told in which the founders stumble into a big idea, but the Y Combinator model is different. At YC, founders are encouraged to find sometimes laughably small ideas that work well. mark for My Articles 21 similar articles
Fast Company
Vivian Giang
Meet The Entrepreneur Transforming The Black Hair-Care Industry Nicole Sanchez's business model gives everyone the opportunity to win: stylists get their business started without having to break the bank, and clients have more choices of high-end extensions to choose from. mark for My Articles 56 similar articles
January 15, 2015
Jordan Kong
Marijuana Stocks & Start-Ups Is 2015 the year legal weed changes the future of the American economy? mark for My Articles 35 similar articles
Fast Company
February 2015
Butler & Tischler
The Startup Revolution Is About To Surge Again What would it look like if big companies opened up their assets -- their brands, relationships, and distribution channels -- and partnered with founders to monetize them in new ways? mark for My Articles 114 similar articles
August 14, 2014
Lauren Brousell
5 Things CIOs and VCs Can Learn From Each Other CIOs and venture capitalists, two groups with seemingly different agendas, can often educate each other on how to evaluate tech trends and successfully construct deals. mark for My Articles 269 similar articles
Fast Company
J.J. McCorvey
Tristan Walker: The Visible Man Walker is a celebrity in Silicon Valley and its highest-profile African-American startup founder and CEO. And he has set Walker & Co. on a decidedly unorthodox course for a Silicon Valley enterprise. mark for My Articles 26 similar articles
Fast Company
J.J. McCorvey
"Just Being Who We Are Is Extremely Risky": An Honest Discussion On Race In Silicon Valley Fast Company brought together a roundtable discussion of African-American tech leaders. The conversation spanned everything from hiring practices of top firms to entrepreneurial funding. mark for My Articles 2 similar articles
Fast Company
Matt Haber
The Geniuses Behind All Those San Francisco Startups? They're Not Who You Think They Are San Francisco. It's gotten that you can't swing a corporate-logo-splashed swag bag in this town without hitting someone working on a startup. mark for My Articles 16 similar articles
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